• 4 Things We Can Imitate from Avenger Marketing Strategy

    4 Things We Can Imitate from Avenger Marketing Strategy

    Film Avenger: Endgame is currently being haunted by many people.

    The proof, in the first screening of the film Avenger: Endgame is able to pocket 150 million USD overnight. That is only in America.

    People flock to watch the film (which is said) to be the closing film of Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, et al.

    The success of the film made by Marvel Studio is inseparable from the hard work of the people behind the scenes. No exception executives and marketing teams.

    Avenger: Endgame itself is just one of the many Marvel films that exist.

    Other Marvel films also have success similar to the movie Avenger: Endgame.

    I wonder why this Marvel movie can sell well on the market?

    To answer your curiosity, BloggingLite has included 4 marketing inspirations from the Avenger movie franchise.

    1. Visionary in Seeing Long-term Opportunities

    4 Things We Can Imitate from Avenger Marketing Strategy

    From the start, Marvel has understood the essential nature of long-term vision.

    In 1999, Marvel was experiencing a financial crisis. They need fast money.

    At that time they predicted the superhero genre film would not develop.

    Therefore, they sold film rights to some of their popular characters such as Spiderman (sold to Sony Pictures) and X-men (sold to 20th Century Fox).

    Apparently, their predictions were wrong.

    Films like X-Men and Spiderman at that time turned out to be a big success.

    That's when Marvel changed strategy. They know that they must be able to make superhero films.

    In addition, Marvel is also being pressured by their DC competitors with their iconic superhero films such as Batman and Superman.

    At that time an idea was created to create an Avenger movie franchise that became a film pioneer with many superhero characters in one film.

    Seeing the competition getting fiercer, Marvel must think of another way to be successful in this superhero film genre.

    Marvel actually could have just made Avenger movies by gathering superheroes in one film.

    But, they did not do that.

    Marvel chose a more strategic step by making films for each of the interconnected superheroes to form one main plot.

    This is what became known to the public as the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

    Marvel itself has even scheduled films to be released until 2028.

    This point teaches us the importance of having a long-term vision.

    Like Marvel, it is often tempting to take shortcuts to maximize short-term profits.

    But if we have a long-term vision. A brilliant success will warmly welcome us.

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    2. Perform Co-Branding Tactics to Popularize Character

    4 Things We Can Imitate from Avenger Marketing Strategy

    In several films, Marvel introduces characters that are rarely known to the public.

    This superhero character is a character that is not quite popular when compared to Iron Man or Captain America or even with DC superheroes: Superman or Batman.

    This is where Marvel's ingenuity plays a role.

    First of all Marvel released their popular characters to be made into films.

    Films like the Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor were released first.

    The aim is to attract the attention of fans while building a storyline for the movie Avenger.

    The success of those films made Marvel as a brand that was considered positive by the fans.

    So, when Marvel released a film with characters that not many people knew like Ant-man or Dr. Strange, the audience still flocked to the cinema.

    The point about co-branding between Marvel characters is that you can also apply it to your online business.

    In order for your online business brand to become more well-known to people, you can complement the popularity of other brands through collaboration.

    You can hold activities together with this other brand.

    That way, your brand will become more known to people.

    3. Fishing the Audience's Curiosity through the Post-Credit Scene

    4 Things We Can Imitate from Avenger Marketing Strategy

    One thing that is characteristic of Marvel is the credit scene at the end of the film.

    This is certainly very contrary to other films.

    Actually, Marvel could have written "to be continued" or continued as well as watching a series that we usually watch on TV.

    But, Marvel doesn't do that.

    The credit scene in Marvel films provides its own curiosity in the minds of the audience.

    This credit scene also makes the audience interested in watching upcoming Marvel films.

    This point teaches us that curiosity is the greatest desire that can provoke people to do something.

    In the example of Marvel watching other Marvel films.

    In your online business, you can apply this principle to advertising copywriting, launching new products, or other marketing materials.

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    4. Build Audience Enthusiasm Gradually

    4 Things We Can Imitate from Avenger Marketing Strategy

    As I reviewed in the previous points, Marvel could have made Avenger movies without being overtaken by other superhero films.

    But they did not do this step.

    This is done not to take as much profit as possible, but to build audience enthusiasm gradually.

    Individual superhero films like Iron Man or Captain America tell the life stories of the two characters in their respective environments.

    From there, viewers can see and feel the characters of each superhero character.

    When those superheroes are put together in the movie Avenger, the storyline can be built nicely and the audience enjoys what they witness.

    This point teaches us the importance of gradually building the enthusiasm of prospective customers.

    As an online business, we are often tempted to immediately make a sale.

    Even though we need to build customer enthusiasm first. We can start by creating entertaining and educational content.

    And Finally

    In addition to offering an interesting and more interesting experience of watching superhero movies, the reality is that Marvel also provides knowledge that is equally useful.

    As business people or prospective business people, we must not turn a blind eye and ignore rivals or other businesses that have succeeded first.

    Because even though they are rivals, it could be that they indirectly give us inspiration to make our business more successful.
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