• 5 Marketing Inspirations You Can Get from the Pornography Industry

    5 Marketing Inspirations You Can Get from the Pornography Industry
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    Hearing the word pornography might make you think of negative things related to the industry.

    Indeed, it cannot be denied that the pornography industry sells services that are very contrary to the norms and religions that are adopted by some people in the world.

    But as long as you know, the entertainment industry today according to Kassia Wosick, assistant professor of sociology at New Mexico State University is estimated to be worth 97 billion USD as quoted from nbcnews.com.

    Isn't that fantastic enough?

    The development of the massive pornography industry cannot be separated from the marketing strategies they use. Of course, from what the pornography industry is doing, there are some marketing lessons that we might be able to learn.

    In this article we will try to explore the 5 marketing lessons that can be taken from this pornography industry.

    And, even though this article is about the pornography industry, BloggingLite does not necessarily support the industry. Think of what you read as an inspiration to advance your business.

    #1 The pornography industry is good at understanding market will

    The pornography industry is famous for its productivity in work. They can even make 13,000 films and make a profit of 15 billion USD every year.

    Compare that with Hollywood which is capable of making 600 films with a profit of only 10 billion USD each year.

    In producing films, companies that make pornographic films make films based on market desires. They have special data regarding search trends on their sites.

    They also segment the market and produce films specifically for the segment.

    You can also do the same thing. In that sense you must also follow the will of your market or customer.

    Listen to what they need and make products to meet their needs.

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    5 Marketing Inspirations You Can Get from the Pornography Industry
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    #2 Not always about sex

    It sounds strange indeed, but pornography companies don't always discuss sex in their marketing practices.

    Why is that?

    This is because they have limitations in using social media. They cannot post pornographic content on major social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

    To overcome this, pornography companies like Pornhub have special blog sites that are safe and do not contain adult content.

    They often share statistics and infographics related to consumption of pornography on their site. These statistical data invisibly show how visitors interact with pornographic websites such as Pornhub.

    You can imitate this approach by sharing stories about your product.

    In this case, don't just focus on selling.

    You can tell how people use your product. Or you can also tell how the products you make change the lives of your customers.

    Of course the story must be a real story. Not custom.

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    #3 The best pornographic sites have brands that outperform competitors

    Competition between brands of pornographic sites is very fierce. In the midst of competition, having a strong brand is the key to winning the competition.

    Aware of this, pornography firm Pornhub displays a positive corporate image in the eyes of the public.

    They even carried out noble actions such as raising awareness of breast cancer while raising funds through a campaign titled "Save the Boobs".

    Apart from the campaign, Pornhub also has other campaigns that make their brands stand out from competitors.

    That is what makes Pornhub able to outperform their competitors.

    One thing you can emulate from this is that you need to build your company's brand carefully.

    You can do innovative campaigns that can enhance your company's positive image.

    Suppose you have a cafe business, you can make free food sharing programs for beggars and so on.

    5 Marketing Inspirations You Can Get from the Pornography Industry
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    #4 Adapting to technological change

    Technology development is a necessity that is quickly realized by pornography business people. The pornography industry itself began with the sale of pornographic films in the VHS format in 1980. Then it developed into a DVD format in 1990.

    Today, the pornography industry is developing towards a digital format that can be downloaded or streamed via the internet.

    Not only that, this industry also began to utilize the sophistication of big data and analytics to develop their businesses.

    In line with this, your business must also be up to date.

    Don't be afraid of your technological changes. Start utilizing technologies such as social media, SEO, analytics, etc. to support your business.

    #5 Use the media to promote the brand

    To distinguish itself from competitors, Pornhub pornography sites often use media publications for their marketing interests.

    Pornhub is known for frequently uploading search data and statistics related to the use of their sites to the public.

    Those data are very interesting in the eyes of the media. As a result, Pornhub is a trusted reference source for journalists who are writing articles or news about pornography.

    Besides that, Pornhub often gets exposure from memes uploaded by people on 9Gag.

    This shows that a business can get free promotions from large media if the business has interesting stories to share.

    Therefore, your business can take advantage of this trick by making activities that are interesting and have news value.

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    And Finally

    Although the pornography industry has a negative image in the eyes of some people, it turns out that there are marketing lessons that can inspire us to develop our business.

    Also, in building a business, make sure if your business does not violate the norms and applicable laws.
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