• 11+ Types of Words that Don't Get Used in Your Email Marketing

    11+ Types of Words that Don't Get Used in Your Email Marketing

    Email is the most powerful marketing channel for most businesses in their search to reach their targeted audience.

    However, if you think that email marketing is as simple as clicking the "send" button after composing your interesting message, you are wrong.

    This has several challenges.

    It takes your time, effort, and strategy to be successful in email marketing. Writing email subject lines for your email is the most challenging step.

    The choice of a bad word in the subject line of an email only risks triggering a spam filter on your recipient's email. As a result, information or offers that you send to your recipient will land in their spam box instead of their inbox.

    You don't want that to happen! If you're wondering how to do an email newsletter correctly, you are in the right place.

    Here are some types of spam words that are banned in bulletins to allow your e-mails to be well-made to bypass spam filters and go to your customers' inboxes where they can easily see them.

    12 Types of Words that Don't Get Used in Your Email Marketing

    Words that reveal excessive claims

    These words and phrases include free terms like 100% free, free access, free leads, free consultation, free DVDs, free installation, free offers, free hosting, free samples, no fees, free preview, free offers and so on.

    Nothing should be free. These expressions only reveal how desperate you are to attract customers by forcing purchases through the delivery of goods without consideration or limitation.

    Words related to the recipient's income

    Be careful with these words and keep them away from your bulletin; extra income, get money, tangible benefits, full refunds, earn money, make big profits, avoid bankruptcy, make money, cash back, save money, etc.

    Words that are intended to pressure the recipient to buy or take action

    These provisions include; click here, order, buy directly, telephone, open now, we accept credit cards, press this link, please read, prove it yourself and the list is endless.

    12 Types of Words that Don't Get Used in Your Email Marketing

    Words that express the urgency to act

    Such spam words include; this will not last long, limited time, urgent, disposable, limited supply, now, once in a lifetime, get it now, act now, from now on, can't live without it, starting today, etc.

    Words that cheapen your offer

    Avoid these names that imply a discount or make your proposal look cheap; Why pay more, save up to the best prices, special promotions, lowest prices, discounts, 50% discounts.

    Words that instill trust

    Avoid words like, joining millions of people, no risk, canceling anytime, this is not spam, by law, confidential, there are no hidden fees, security, no disappointment, satisfaction guaranteed, cannot be compared or combined with others, things that are real, certified, natural and so on.

    Words are intended to surprise or elevate the recipient

    The following requirements will only trigger spam filters in your e-mail; it is effective, extraordinary, amazed, the term that is easy, beautiful, impressive, hard to believe, your own eyes will not believe.

    12 Types of Words that Don't Get Used in Your Email Marketing

    Personal words

    Avoid using words that trigger spam like 4U, dear friend, you win, congratulations, you have been chosen because they will not let your email go beyond the spam filter.

    Words that sound calm and unethical

    You should avoid the following words that sound suspicious like teenagers, sex, heat, meet singles, dig dirt on friends, singles, wives, stock alert, online titles, release of legal responsibilities, hidden fees, hidden assets, inventory, casinos, copy DVD, foreign, etc.

    Words related to drugs

    Examples of these terms include; viagra, online pharmacy, weight loss, hormones, healing baldness, Valium, eliminating wrinkles, life insurance, diagnostics, Xanax drugs, reversing age, herbs and many others that sound the same.

    Job-related words

    Avoid these spam words; be your own boss, work from home, online business opportunities, while you sleep, useful for your work, work at home, etc.

    Digital marketing words

    Avoid words like increasing traffic, direct marketing, online marketing, new domain extensions, email marketing, marketing solutions, increasing sales and so on.

    Other words to avoid include those related to charity such as donations or assistance. Also avoid using numbers, hashtags, uppercase letters, emojis, and excessive punctuation on the subject line of your email.

    You now know how to send your e-mail without risking your message entering the spam folder by avoiding the use of trigger words. You don't need to pressure your customers, be manipulative or promise to trick them into clicking on your email newsletter.

    These strategies will only damage your e-mail marketing efforts by sending your e-mail directly to your customer's spam box. If what you offer is valuable, just make your e-mail with enough information, you can enter one or two CTAs on the message body and you will be surprised how successful your e-mail campaign will be.
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