• 4 Networking Tips for Introverts

    4 Networking Tips for Introverts

    For an introvert, networking events can be a scary specter.

    The image of meeting new people often makes the introvert prefer to sleep on the bed rather than having to leave the house.

    But sometimes, work obligations or business demands that you run require you to interact with new people, aka networking.

    If you are an introvert, this is certainly an experience that worries you.

    But calm down, through this article, I will help you prepare for networking.

    Check out these 4 effective networking tips for introverts.

    1. Don't Hesitate to Open Chat

    An introvert is different shyly. Introverts are individuals who tend to be reluctant to open themselves. While shy are hesitant to start a conversation - though sometimes they want to.

    And also shy tend to be hesitant about the things they want to convey, making conversation clumsy.

    These networking tips for the first introvert require you to throw away the negative labels that you attach to yourself.

    Don't tell yourself that you can't talk to people or be embarrassed to say inappropriate things.

    Know that what you think is not always true.

    When you want to open a chat with a new person, calm yourself down first and suppose you are having a casual conversation.

    That way your chat with the other person will flow easily.

    2. Imagine the Good Things That Will Happen

    An introvert usually thinks of negative things when interacting with the other person.

    Things like fear of what is said to be sarcastic, rigid body language, or even look unfriendly.

    These negative thoughts actually prevent you from making progress in interacting.

    Instead of thinking like that, from now on try positive thinking.

    Think about the good things that can happen if you dare to interact with other people.

    One of the good things that can happen is you get a job or maybe a new business opportunity.

    3. Being a Good Listener Makes You Like Many People

    In many conversations, ineffective communication often occurs.

    Why so?

    This happens because people listen to what the other person is talking about just to say what the other person is saying.

    So, each has the tendency to win alone in conversation.

    Unlike you who have an introverted personality. Introverts like you usually tend to listen to other people's words seriously.

    You are a good listener.

    It is your nature that can make other people interested in talking with you.

    4. Having a Strong Opinion Makes You Stand out

    It is undeniable that introverts have broad insight.

    They are famous as individuals who like to learn new things.

    They were the ones who at school used to spend time reading books in the library.

    The results of these studies make the introvert's insight broad.

    Not only that, this broad insight can actually be used to form an opinion.

    If you are an introvert, chances are you have an opinion on an issue that is different from most people.

    You can form a unique opinion like this because your reading is more and your insight is broader so that your opinion is more weighty.

    You can actually use this.

    Having a weighty opinion makes you stand out from other people who just parade other people's words.

    You have special characteristics and are easier for people to remember.

    And Finally

    Being an introvert should not make you anxious about interacting with new people.

    This is just a misunderstanding.

    Armed with the 4 tips above, I believe you can do networking with the maximum.

    Good luck.
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