• 5 Tips for Finding a Niche for Your Blog

    5 Tips for Finding a Niche for Your Blog

    Believe it or not, now a blog is something that you will often see wherever you are.

    At least that's what I feel.

    There are school children who make blogs for school assignments, students who start to fill their free time, entrepreneurs who start targeting prospective buyers.

    They all create blogs and with different purposes, of course.

    There are those that produce something positive, some are actually quite disturbing.

    But whatever it is, there is one fact that we cannot deny.

    We have to compete with various kinds of blogs that are getting more and more days.

    So that our blogging activities are not provoked with other blogs, we can enjoy our blogging, and of course, make a little money.

    So choosing the right niche is a necessity that we need to do.

    And below I prepared a few tips that I believe you can use as a guide.

    1. Determine the Blog Type

    At this stage, often once someone is wrong in determining it.

    He doesn't even know to determine the type of blog he has.

    Is the blog intended for a business blog, personal blog, or blog to find additional money by becoming a full-time Blogger?

    Make sure you are right in determining.

    Do not occasionally mix stir blogs for business, personal or blog to get earning from some advertisements like PPC, PPA, banner and so on.

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    What is the difference?

    Obviously different.

    If you mix blogs for earnings with a personal blog, then this will reduce your professional value in terms of blogging.

    Imagine, if today you made an article about a tutorial or review of all products, the next day you made an article about your activity last week.

    What is your reader's opinion about this?

    Based on case studies, this still occurs in most beginner bloggers. The lack of consistency in blogging makes them break up halfway.

    2. Adjust to Your Expertise

    Determining what niche you will use on your blog is to follow your expertise.

    Thus, you will not be confused to fill in the content on your blog.

    Do not occasionally create a niche blog that is not your expertise.

    What's more, you are a beginner in terms of blogging. This will make it difficult for you to fill content on the blog every day.


    If you are proficient in accounting, and you don't even understand what accounting is.

    So, what content will you fill in your blog?

    This is what often happens, which encourages novice bloggers to make content that is "poor".

    3. Don't Follow

    Never determine your blog's niche by following those who are already successful.

    This will definitely plunge you.

    Only 1 in 100 advanced people will want to give their knowledge for free to others.

    The successful blogger has undergone a trial and error. Investment in money and time so that he can succeed in a field he is engaged in.

    Following a successful blogger is not a problem, but never get complacent about his success.

    What you can learn from people's success is the intention and perseverance of the person to success in the world of blogging.

    Not necessarily if you follow all the tricks, you will also be successful.

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    4. Determining the Niche by Looking at the Trend

    This is recommended for those who have at least had experience in the world of blogging.

    You can easily determine one niche for your blog by seeing a growing trend.

    The hot topics discussed will get its own benefits if you make it.

    But you need to know.

    Usually, for a niche that is in trend, it's easy to lose.

    Because of its temporary nature.

    Maybe at other times it isn't even discussed on the internet at all.

    Basically, this method is more suitable for news sites.

    Utilizing topics that are currently in trend for schools to become a source of abundant traffic.

    5. Use the 'Eternal' Niche

    What is meant by 'eternal' niche?

    Yes, this niche is very favored by dollar hunters. They utilize this niche for earnings from their traffic.

    The eternal niche is a niche that will not die.

    Over time, this niche is still being sought by people on the internet.

    What's more, by utilizing enduring keywords, we can be sure that the organic traffic on this site can be abundant if the blog owner regularly updates the content.

    What is an example?

    One example of an eternal niche is "how to".

    Tips or ways will still be sought by others on the internet until any time.

    The term slang "won't die". Different things by utilizing topics that are trending that will die over time.

    And Finally

    Determining a niche is not difficult, all you need to pay attention to is that maybe you need quite a long time for analysis.

    But, after you find your niche, and that is your expertise.

    Then your life as a blogger will begin.

    Good luck.
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