• About

    BloggingLite was built in 2019, it was a very new year for a new site trying to sail. Because across the sea, there are so many giant monsters that are ready to destroy BloggingLite.

    However the Online World is the Real World, BloggingLite is aware and ready with the risks of course. Plus, just because it's a little late doesn't mean it's going to miss. As long as BloggingLite was still standing, then any distance could definitely be pursued.

    BloggingLite starts from a personal blog. Yep, this is a personal blog and never compare BloggingLite with giant websites like Quick Sprout, Neil Patel, and other giant websites.

    But even so, BloggingLite was built on the desire to share them to share knowledge about SEO, Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing, and others from various worlds. But BloggingLite was aware of itself, and ultimately created a limit for itself.

    Are you curious about the origin of the name BloggingLite?

    Actually, there is nothing special. I just imagined to create a blog that contained information about SEO and so on but it was discussed lightly and as much as possible to be easily understood.

    And that's where I got the idea to create the name BloggingLite.

    But still, BloggingLite is a personal blog that will not be able to compare to the Quick Sprout and the like. Therefore BloggingLite limits itself by only providing information with certain categories.

    In essence, this is a fun blog, and there's nothing wrong if you spend your time reading here.